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Happy Monday TEAM 1!! Commitment is our January theme! for Team 1! Commitment is that turning point in your life when you SEIZE the moment and convert it into an opportunity to ALTER YOUR DESTINY, and not only your destiny but WHO ELSE will you INSPIRE TODAY?? FOCUS on what will Duplicate your efforts with our system at ….and you …

Todd Falcone Event OCTOBER 28, 2017

YOU will not want to miss this event:…. We will train on a NEW STRATEGY: 60 day game plan to close out 2016 Todd Falcone is one of the THE BEST trainers in the network marketing space. Arlington, TX October 28. Tickets available at About Todd

Interviewing your Prospect

HAVE A BUSINESS BY DESIGN NOT BY CHANCE: WHEN AN AIRPLANE IS EVEN 1% off course…. a the plane flight will be 150 miles off course… *Small adjustments can revolutionize everything—   MOST of the time people start their biz …and they feel like people run from them and they are begging people to join their biz YOUR VISION SHOULD …


VERY IMPORTANT:   OPT into the text system to get the latest info on zooms and conference calls to stay focused to build your Valentus business…. text the word….duplicate to the phone number…. 57711

TOP 3 Habits of Network Marketing Superstars PART 1

What are the secret habits of all TOP money earners that are NETWORK MARKETING SUPERSTARS!! Eric Worre has interviewed over 100 Million Dollars MLM earners… What does it take to be a SUPERSTAR? VISION:  Forward thinking! One of the most powerful forces on earth is the ability to IMAGINE an incredible future and all the positive benefits that come with …

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How to Sell to Different Personality Types

Your sales training has taught you how to find prospects, make initial contacts, ask questions to uncover needs, develop solutions, give great presentations, handle objections and close the sale. Most likely it did not prepare you for the different personalities you will encounter. If you deal with every customer in the same way, you will only close 25 percent to …