Rodney and Rhonda Allison

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Rodney began his jewelry career in 1972 in High School, then attended the Gemological Institute of America, in Santa Monica, CA.  Having worked in fine jewelry for more than four decades, he has managed three stores, and owned two. He manufactured corporate logo jewelry, and an Add-A-Diamond line of award jewelry for Mary Kay Cosmetics for 16 years. Currently servicing his clientele with fine jewelry, custom or special orders, in a private studio, while helping clients with residential real estate as a licensed Realtor.  New to network marketing, Rodney has found excitement helping others attain a BETTER self, through health and financial success.
Rhonda currently owns a wholesale jewelry business, Mbellish Jewelry, with nationwide distribution.  She previously owned a ladies clothing boutique for 15 years. Rhonda  has lead large teams in the network marketing industry, training and teaching people to understand the freedom and choices they can have with a residual stream of income.

Our Story

We got started in Valentus in june 4 of 2016. By the end of July, we had already reached Diamond rank in the company. Talk about fast results!

We started sharing the story about this wonderful product before we ever received it after seeing all the amazing stories of success…we knew we had our hands on an amazing product line.

The first day we got to try Skinny Coffee, it was an OFF the charts appetite control and calm focused energy! I lost 9 lbs in 13 days!!!  Having fibromyalgia, this product has been very good for me. I feel great – I don’t have sugar cravings anymore, I have tons of energy even until late in the day,  and that Immune is great for sleep! Rodney and I add our Skinny Coffee to our brewed coffee first thing every morning and then we don’t eat anything for at least an hour.  We both do a second with Cold coffee or our Energy mid-afternoon…and the Immune at night time for recovery, anti-oxidants and a great night of sleep.

We have shared this with many and are so excited that we have never seen another product that so many people like the taste of and are getting very fast results.

Coffee meets weight loss… You could do this wrong and still have success…but this team1training.com website is designed to help every single person have success.   It is all about duplication and just following a success system that is simple and fun.

We are now working with a lot of very talented business minded people that understand a once in a lifetime opportunity and importance of timing.  We are moving very fast and attracting the best in the industry.

Business Building Tips

Our best advice: “Go ALL in! Invite, Present The Plan, Prove it With A Product Sample, And Partner With A Leader. Keep it simple and fun! People want to be a part of your team because of your WHY, not because of what your are selling. Decide, WHY, you want the changes in your life and then what they will be, that will be your biggest driving reason to succeed.

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Double Diamond

Kirby and Danae Mitchell

Our Story

We joined Valentus in August of 2016. The products and opportunity have truly changed our lives! We are so blessed to be a part of this amazing company with unbelievable leadership. Being in the oil field, your schedule is tight but when we saw the opportunity of Valentus, we made time. We couldn’t have done this without our incredible team. We are so thankful and blessed to have them on our side. Valentus allowed us to pursue our dream. The sky is the limit and we are so excited for the future.

Steve and Paula Dibbons

Our Story

We are truly blessed to be apart of a company that has a vision to impact our lives. Our passion for the network marketing industry has grown over the last 10 years as we have seen so many people realize their dreams of better health and finances. Until we were introduced to Valentus we had never been apart of a company with perfect timing, ownership of full integrity, a lucrative compensation plan and a high impact product line that creates and even playing field doe anyone that wants to create a residual income. We jumped all in on August 28th, 2016, and never looked back.


Brooke Dehoyos

My Story

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Gloria Soto

My Story

Where else can someone at my age of 70 and my husband at 75 years old have this kind of success at any regular job.   No where!!  Although we have been in this industry on and off a few times; we have never been in company of this caliber.  With Valentus we have everything!  A company with a heart for the independent representative, an incredible line of Products, a wonderful culture, and for us the best upline all the way up to the top, who support us whenever we need them.
When we got into Valentus we were down on network marketing.   I ordered the SlimRoast just because I wanted to lose some weight.
Fortunately we had a sponsor who knew our needs and didn’t give up trying to help us, by continuing to urge us to give the Valentus business a try.  We started sharing the opportunity and in a few short months we had achieved Diamond and now here we are with our new car!  Our life has changed dramatically, less stress because of better finances, and it is so wonderful to now have 2 cars!!   We are so happy!
 Everyone loves the Valentus products and we love the Valentus opportunity where we try to help others as we were helped.  What a great combination!!  Thank You VALENTUS!!!

Greg and Pattie Zoschak

Our Story

We are so excited to be part of this AMAZING team of people!  Greg & I moved to Western Oklahoma 30 years ago, where we founded and now are Senior Pastors of Rock of Restoration Church.
Our desire is to help people succeed in every area of their lives. 8 years ago, we got into the Direct Selling business.  We discovered that it was a perfect fit for us being in ministry.  We can pastor a church full time while building a successful business.
In September of 2016 I saw a post from a friend of mine about a “weight loss coffee”.  I asked to purchase a trial pack.  While picking up the trial pack my recruiter, Paula Dibbins, was on a 3-way call with Rhonda and another woman sharing her story.  They had it on speaker so I heard the marketing plan while I was waiting.   After hearing the success story of Rhonda and Rodney I knew this was something I wanted to be part of.  Helping people get healthy and make money doing it!
So on September 12 I joined Valentus purchasing the Business Builder pack of $499 and had it sold in 2 days!
I duplicated everything our upline told me to do.  I became Emerald in my 1st month and Diamond in my 2nd.   The greatest part are the lives we are seeing change physically and financially.
We have 4 beautiful daughters who are married and have given us 8 grandchildren with 2 new ones on the way.

Robin Hoschied

My Story

My journey started the end of October 2016 curious to lose 20lbs not only did I accomplish that easily in 2 months but found sharing the info with others was fun! Whether they were interested in losing weight or building a business it’s been great the friendships that I’ve made and the income that one can earn Weekly depending upon how much time they want to put into it.  I will say it is imperative that a person gives it the test of time either with losing weight or working the business. It’s not overnight success with either one it takes discipline and it also takes making good choices!

Sheila Price

My Story

After being in the direct sales industry for 25 years, Valentus is the first company I have had success in!   The health benefits have been amazing:   I have personally lost 18 pounds, have more energy and have balanced my blood sugar levels!  I feel great and know that I can recommend all of our products to others with confidence and excitement.
I am a full-time high school science teacher, have two very busy children, I’m an amateur musician in a local orchestra and my husband travels frequently.   Despite my extremely busy schedule, I have been able to replace my teacher income on a very part-time basis!   And did this after only being in the company for 6 months!   Valentus combines all of the things needed for success that the other companies I was involved in did not:   a product that WORKS, a leadership team that is supportive and INVOLVED and a comp plan that is the most LUCRATIVE I have ever seen!
I am excited to continue to build my Valentus business on a global level!   It is a very special thing to be a part of a company that helps other people achieve better health AND an opportunity to be part of a ground-floor successful business!

Sonya Warner

My Story

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